Welcome to the Bannock County Historical Complex

Mission statement: The purposes of this Society shall be to bring together people interested in history, and especially in the history of Bannock County and Eastern Idaho; for a better understanding of our democratic way of life and our development as a territory and state; for preservation of historical objects, documents, photographs, and other items; and for the dissemination of historical information and facts through meetings, programs, and any other means deemed suitable.   

The Bannock County Historical Museum - TEMPORARILY CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION. 

The Museum houses exhibits, objects, and records relating to Bannock County and Pocatello's history. Historic exhibit themes include trapping and trading, Oregon Trail, the railroad, medical practices, general store, the military, Victorian parlor, Japanese Shrine, photography studio, prohibition police evidence, fire-fighting, local printing, ranching and farming, a Holladay Overland Stage Co. stagecoach, horse tack, Shoshoni and Bannock ethnographic photographs and objects, local archaeological specimens, our unique donor wall, a research archive, and much more!  The Museum was built with donations as part of Idaho's Centennial Celebration in 1990. It operates under the direction of the Bannock County Historical Society (established 1922)  with support from Bannock County.  We are open year around, please see Hours of Operation and Fees for details. 

The Fort Hall Replica and Commemorative Trading Post - CLOSED until May 1, 2024

The Fort Hall Commemorative Trading Post, owned by the City of Pocatello, is now managed by the Bannock County Historical Society.  The Fort is open  5 months of the year (May - September) weather permitting. Please see Hours of Operation and Fees for details.  Off season access for larger groups (30+) or school groups may be accommodated (again, weather permitting) with a minimum of three weeks notice.  The Fort was constructed from original floor plans obtained from the Hudson Bay Company by craftsmen using traditional methods and tools.  It was built as commemorative monument for the State of Idaho's Territorial  Centennial in 1963.  Construction was completed the following year. 

The Pocatello Junction - CLOSED until May 1, 2024

The Junction is also owned by the City of Pocatello and managed by the Bannock County Historical Society.  The Junction shares open hours with the Fort, as they are both outdoor exhibits without climate controls.  This little village is a 3/4 scale representation of the original train stop/junction called Pocatello. There are a total of 12 buildings. Featured here is the Pacific Hotel and Depot.  Eventually, Pocatello Junction evolved into the City of Pocatello.  The Pocatello Junction park was built as part of the State of Idaho Centennial Celebration in 1990, along with the Museum building. 

Did you know that nearly everything in the Historical Complex was built by the community? 

The Complex is now supported by Bannock County and the City of Pocatello, without whom the  gates could not remain open. 

If you would like to help us save the past for the future, we have made it easy for you to donate, just click the link below.  

The Bannock County Historical Society is a 501 (c) 3 entity, so your donations are tax deductible!